EXT SENDER-Extra info

Hej alla, apropå ”stolthet” i Åke’s mail nedan kommer här en engelsk sammanfattning från Felix själv J =>

Last weekend was the first stop of 4X Pro Tur world series in south of France. Same place as we ended the 2016 season, a rough and fast track with technical rockgardens and big jumps, just as a race track should be in my opinion. The track guys where doing some challenging changes to the track from last year which was really nice!

It was a big starting field coming up to the qualifying session on sunny Saturday where 64 guys would qualify into finals. Right away the track felt good to me and riding the same setup on the bike from last year made it quite easy to get used to the racing speed.

I had a flawless run till the last last corner where I entered way to fast and messed up the rhythm section to the finish-line, left me with a 6th qualifying spot. Not to happy but still under control.

Raceday, I knew it was gonna be a tough one. Sitting sixth after the qualifying made me stand on the outside gates in the quarter and semi finals and on this track this is not where you wanna be in to the first turn. Making passes on this track was very tricky!

Winning my first heats onto third where I finished second I felt very good and I had really strong gates.

Semi finals where up and I stood third gate almost on the complete outside, knowing that the best chance I have to earn my spot to the final is to make a pass on the top of the track. I had a perfect gate and went complete outside in the turn to cut to the inside, making a clean pass on Hannes Slavik (3rd qualifier) I hold the second spot to the finish line and I was in the big final.

Tomas Slavik on the inside (1st qualifier) 2nd gate Scott Beaumont (2nd qualifier), third gate Quentin Derbier (4th qualifier) and outside gate was mine. Top guys that has battle many finals before was ready. As soon as the gate dropped I made the same decision, I went outside to cut into the inside, making the pass from 4th till 3rd, pushing Quentin in front of me but I wasn’t able to making the second pass I crossed the finish line in 3rd.

Overall I’m very happy with the result and riding, I’m getting into the spot where I wanna be.

Next race is in Sweden, Sweden Enduro series that is the start of the season in Scandinavia. It´s gonna be lot of fun!

Photos, feel free to share! I hope you enjoying the last day of the long weekend,